Best Agent Business is a part of Lifebushido, a group of companies developed by Steve Kantor, a 2-time successful entrepreneur, to provide services to entrepreneurs. 

Through the different companies that fall under the corporate umbrella, we help clients to solidify their personal and professional goals and focus on using their unique talents to make their businesses stronger and more profitable. 

Steve Kantor, former owner to Gnossos Software, made the concept of focusing on unique talents the key principle of his new venture. When people free themselves from tasks they can delegate, they have more time to concentrate their attention on those areas of business where they excel. In turn, this allows them to pass their best service and insights on to their clients. Realizing that his unique talents lay in developing systems and improving them, he founded Lifebushido in 2006.

The unusual company name is derived from an ancient Samurai word that describes the honorable code of conduct that Samurai warriors would adhere to. Besides its original meaning, “Bushido” is used in the company to describe a bold, immediate action, which is where our tagline “Anything is Possible”  comes from. This company philosophy is imparted to clients and associates alike. We often do things, which other companies cannot conceive of doing or are too afraid to do. In our early years, we have already accomplished a few things which many people would have said were impossible to accomplish. Bushido, for us, means anything is possible, if you take bold action and go for it. We only hire people who espouse this same approach to life. For this reason, we call our associates “Ishidos.” To learn more about our philosophy, visit the Lifebushido website.

Lifebushido – Anything is Possible!


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