Agent Recruiting

We recruit Buyer’s Agents, Seller’s Agents, Listing partners, Inside Sales Associates, In-House Assistants and more for our clients. We use various websites to post advertisements for openings on the Agent’s team. We are responsible for sorting through all responses to the ads, interviewing candidates and then forwarding the best resumes to the clients. We work closely with the client to get an understanding of the qualifications that they want potential candidates to have and we do our best to find that person. Only our President, Steve, can approve the recruitment of an In-House Assistant.

We recruit candidates by utilizing 2 methods:

Agent Recruit Calling

Ad Posting

Once an ideal candidate is identified, we then handle the reference checks, pre-employment assessments (DISC profile) and social media checks to gather a 'big picture' look at the candidate as a whole (not just based off resume and/or single interview)

Client Testimonial:

"You guys have been great to work with! We could not have recruited the number and quality of agents we did without your assistance...These agents are fantastic, are a great fit with our culture, and have the characteristics to be long-term team members...these are agents we would have never met, if it wasn’t for your services. The process your team has gone through in contacting agents, screening agents, and providing concise information about each candidate interview saves us an immeasurable amount of time. We...will continue using your services to hire the Best Agents!"

For more information on our process and services, please visit our Recruiting Team wiki.